Two brilliant dessert ideas, from milk and bread , ready in 10 minutes | Kheer Toast

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1/2 cu clarified butter or refined oil
4 slices of bread ( cut into 4 pieces each )
1 cup sugar
food colour
1 cup milk
½ cup milk powder

2 cup milk
2 tbsp milk powder
3-4 tbsp sugar
dry fruits for garnish

Maggie Chicken Cube:
Dried Black Lemon:
Measuring Cups and Spoons:
Biryani Pot 8 liter:
Background for Photography:
Kitchen Weighing scale:
Shan biryani masala:
silicon food tong:
Background for Photography:
Panko breadcrumbs:
Background for Photography:
Dry fruits grater:
induction cooktop:
Grill net :
Silicon Spatula:
masala box :
Whipping Cream:
Black diamond serving dish:


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