Taro Smoothie-Large Nutrition Facts Add To Your Diet-Easy Recipe #shorts

Taro is also high in fiber and resistant starch, which contribute to many of its health benefits, including improved heart health, blood sugar levels, body weight, and gut health. Taro also contains antioxidants and polyphenols that protect against free radical damage and possibly cancer.

Its high levels of vitamin C, B6, and E also aid in the maintenance of a healthy immune system.

Taro root also contains high levels of,
Manganese, Potassium, Copper, Phosphorus, Folate
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– 2 pice medium Boiled Taro
– 2 cup water
– 2 cup Milk
– 1 Condensed Milk
Place all ingredients in a blender and blend at least one minute or until completely smooth.

My choice:
Blender (Ice Crushers & Shavers🥫):

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Here are 6 health benefits of taro root:

1. High in Fiber and Other Important Nutrients:
Taro root is high in fiber as well as many vitamins and minerals that the average American diet lacks.

2. Taro root contains fiber and resistant starch, both of which slow digestion and reduce blood sugar spikes after meals.

3. Taro Root May Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease: Taro root is high in fiber and resistant starch, which helps lower cholesterol and lower your risk of heart disease.

4. Taro Root May Have Anticancer Properties: Taro root contains polyphenols and antioxidants that may help fight cancer and protect your body from oxidative stress. However, more research in this area is required.

5. Taro Root May Help You Lose Weight: Taro root’s high fiber and resistant starch content may increase feelings of fullness, reduce overall calorie intake, and increase fat burning, potentially leading to weight loss and reduced body fat.

6. Beneficial to the Gut: Taro root fiber and resistant starch are fermented by gut bacteria to form short-chain fatty acids, which may protect against colon cancer and inflammatory bowel disease.


“Boil the taro root for approximately 15-20 minutes or until tender. Just remember that taro roots are toxic when they’re raw, so be sure to Boil your taro roots fully, and Clean the taro root well before Boil”

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