Milky Bread Dessert Recipe

Bread sweet recipe Milky sweet easy to make
We will use sliced ​​bread We need bread for a tray
We cut the hard parts of your thinly sliced ​​broth
Put bread slices on the pile.
I prepare six tray desserts For hundreds of people
A tray for twenty-five ovens is baking a hundred and seventy degrees
Cooking for ten minutes Make a little sugary drink for bread
One liter of boiling water for one tray We add a total of six liters of water
A little salt Add lemon juice or lemon juice Two pounds of sugar
Breads were red Share in equal quantities We sliced ​​bread
Add a little more than 8 liters of milk to a liter of milk for a tray dessert
Boil 750 grams of margarine and wait
Add four kilos of sugar Prepare two kilos of wax
Add vanilla add two kilos of semolina
Wait till a solid convulsion
Add milky sweet breads. Fix them. Add coconut.
Add plenty of coconut
After the cold, we can split the pieces together and add the ready-made sauce to the dessert service
Get a soft texture and a light dessert


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