హైదరాబాద్ పెళ్లిళ్లలో మాత్రమే చేసే గ్రీన్ చికెన్|Hyderabad Weddings Green Chicken Curry @Vismai Food

హైదరాబాద్ పెళ్లిళ్ల మాత్రమే చేసే గ్రీన్ చికెన్ |Hyderabad Weddings Green Chicken Curry @Vismai Food ​

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Hello Foodies,

Today we are going to see making of Hyderabad wedding style green chicken recipe in Telugu. Hariyali Chicken is a beautiful curry made with a blend of pudina and coriander leaves and other Indian fresh herbs and spices masala. It tastes beautiful with rice or chapathis or rotis. Green chicken gravy is best option for people who want to try different varieties with chicken.It tastes awesome and best taste guaranteed with the tips and measures mentioned in this video. This green chicken is so delicious,flavourful and very healthy with added green leafy vegetables.Hope you try this yummy homemade green chicken recipe at your home and enjoy, if so please do share those recipe pics to our Instagram handle.

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