Toddler Food Hacks for Picky Eaters (Your Kids Will Eat EVERYTHING!)

In today’s video I share my top 19 tips and tricks for helping little ones who may be picky to love their food. These are simple habitual changes that you can integrate into your daily meal time routines!

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0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Separate foods so they don’t touch
0:59 – Don’t over crowd the plate
1:25 – Add a “safe food”
1:49 – Make sure they are in a good mood
2:10 – Add a dip
2:59 – Change up the location
3:21 – “Ignore them” and don’t put pressure
3:57 – Use sign language
4:11 – Offer the same food in different ways
4:36 – Eat the same thing
5:06 – Pre-load the spoon
5:22 – Switch up the utensils
5:45 – Interact with their food
6:08 – Let them do it themselves and make a mess
6:32 – Stay positive and avoid negative talk
7:02 – Get them involved more with their food
7:30 – Eat together
7:59 – Fruit bowl hack
8:30 – Respect eating choices
9:20 – Outro

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