Sweet Paratha Recipe or Meetha Paratha Recipe I Easy Indian Dessert Recipes By Shilpi

Sweet paratha or meetha paratha recipe is easy kids snacks recipe. This sweet paratha is also part of my Indian vegetarian cooking and Indian sweets & desserts recipes. Sweet paratha or sugar paratha sweet variation of regular paratha or flat bread which is made by stuffing dry coconut (or nariyal) with sugar and nuts. When these ingredients cook along with this sweet parathas in butter (or ghee) they make an awesome combination of taste and flavor. You can have them as part of regular meal or as dessert.

Here is the quick ingredient list of Sweet paratha recipe:
• —Paratha Base—
• Wheat Flour (Atta): 1 cup,
• Water: Almost ½ cup,
• Ghee or butter for cooking,
• —Filling Mixture—
• Grated Dry Coconut (nariayal): ½ cup,
• Grated nuts (Almond, Cashew, Walnut): ¼ cup,
• Fine Sugar: ¼ cup

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