Steamed Chicken with Goji Berries [Nyonya Cooking]

Looking for a quick and healthy meal after work? Try this power-packed nutritious dish. Goji berries are known as superfood for their long list of health benefits while red dates are known to have 20 times more vitamin C than any other citrus fruit.

Health benefits aside, the main reason I love this dish is not because of their nutritional values (although I cannot deny they come as a bonus). It is mainly due of the simplicity of the dish. Preparing home-cooked meals can be very tedious especially after a long day at work. I am sure many of you out there can relate to me. As such, recipes like this come in handy for cooking it is a breeze!

It takes **around 40 minutes** to cook this dish and that is enough time for you to boil some rice and take a shower. Once you are done, the steamed chicken and rice will be ready too, waiting for you to tuck in. There is no reason not to try this power-packed recipe.

Quick tip: **Skip shaoxing wine if you cannot consume alcohol**. In that case you can substitute with **dry sherry**.

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