My Grandma's Secret Beef Bourguignon Recipe

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My Grandma’s (Secret) Beef Bourguignon FULL Recipe
#1 thing to do, watch the video a second time. You will pick things you did not see the first time.
You can cook this the day before, chill it rapidly using for example your sink filled with ice cold water, and then refrigerate (if you eat the next day) or freeze in manageable quantities (for later)
1.5 to 2kg low cuts of Beef : Shin and Chuck.
Can’t find this ? Go for something meaty and something gelatinous.
1 bottle of wine, 75cl. Ideally something robust.
1.5 liter of organic beef broth / beef stock
2 medium sized carrots.
2 medium sized onions

400 g thick-cut bacon cut into small pieces
400 g button mushrooms. Smaller are more suited.
20-30 pearl onions (about 300g)
2 tsp sugar
Seasoning to taste.

1 tbsp AP flour or 1 tbsp cornstarch, diluted in half a glass of cold water.
(if you want it creamier and a little thicker you can use 2 tbsp)
Tomato puree : 2 tsp.

Bunch of herbs :
4 sprigs of Thyme
2-3 Bay leaves
1 Green part of leek
1 Celery stalk

5 garlic cloves

cut meat into 2-3 inch pieces. They shrink a bit during cooking.
Add onions, carrots and the meat to a big container.
Drop the wine. All of it. Keep a glass for yourself, you deserve it.
Let this marinate in the fridge for 1 hour. I did it at room temperature because my studio is pretty cold.

Strain the meat, pat it dry, Season with kosher salt
Sear the meat in oil until nicely coloured on both sides.
Discard the oil.
Sprinkle with a heaped tbsp of flour. Thickener.
Cook for a minute, stirring. Then drop the wine and the stock.
2 tsp of tomato purée for umami and colour.
Flambé safely : Don’t put your head over it, don’t do it under the kitchen hood, keep your distances.
Bring to a boil, skim the scum regularly.

Two cooking options :
#1 the oven :
2 hours at 200°C or 400°F then a little check, then again 2 hours at 200°C

#2 the stove :
Low heat, 4 hours the first three with a lid.

In both cases, the meat should be super soft and tender. If not, keep cooking.
Garnishes :
Cook all three garnishes during the last hour of the stew.

Place all peeled pearl onions in a pan.
Add a knob of butter, 2 tsp sugar , water till they are halfway covered
Top with a lid or with a piece of parchment paper, with a hole in the center.
About 10-15 minutes will cook and caramelise them.
When the water is gone, they should be ready (prick with a knife to see if it’s soft).
If not, add water and continue. If yes, Set aside

Cut bacon into sticks ; 1inch long1/4inch wide (lardons),
Fry them on medium heat until caramelisation appears.
Remove fat (keep for cooking your next omelet)
Set aside.

Cut mushrooms into quarters, halves or leave whole if they are small.
Place them in a pan covered with a bit of beef stock.
5 minutes is all they need.
Add ¾ of the garnishes to the stew, one piece of dark chocolate and cook together for 30 minutes. Top plates with a little more garnishes and some fresh thyme.
Sauce should be glossy. If not you can always drop in a few knobs of cold butter off the heat, and swirl around until melted.

Piece of bread on the side and MOP AWAY !

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