Making Panda Express Beijing Beef At Home | But Better

Making Panda Express Beijing Beef At Home | But Better
Hello everyone welcome to my channel today in this video I show you how to make delicious Beijing Beef Recipe quick and simple this recipe is packed with so much flavor that you will love what I love about this recipe is the beef is so crunchy crispy but tender and juicy ant the same time and the sauce whooo we delicious when you make it Gina Young Style. In The Kitchen With Gina Young will show you How To Cook delicious recipes Beijing Beef Tutorial If you want to learn how to cook I got you if you love good food I got you until the next video God Bless Goodnight enjoy there videos .
Panda Express Beijing Beef Gina Young Beijing Beef Recipe

Top sirloin Beef Sliced Thin
soy sauce and pepper to marinade the beef
corn starch to coat the meat
cooking oil to fry beef
2 Tbls Ketchup
2 Tbls Oyster Sauce
garlic powder
1 – 1/2 Tbls brown sugar
Red pepper flakes
3/4 to 1 cup chicken broth or water soy sauce
white rice
sweet onion chopped
red bell peppers chopped
step by step tutorial
enjoy the recipe


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