I Tested 2 Viral TikTok Pasta Recipes

Jasmine is BACK with more TikTok recreations! Stay tuned for cute Succulent Raviolis and gorgeous Lemon Raviolis.

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00:00 Intro
00:44 Succulent Pasta Dough
01:36 Terra Cotta Pasta Dough
02:36 Time To Roll It
03:10 Cutting Succulents
04:10 Cutting Terra Cotta Pots
04:45 Filling & Assembling
07:25 Let’s Cook!
08:00 Sauce
08:18 Taste Test
08:53 Lemon Ravioli
09:13 Lemon Ravioli Dough
09:30 Cutting Lemons
09:50 Filling & Assembling
13:23 Cooking
13:42 Plating
14:10 Taste Test
14:30 Outro

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