How to Make Tacos With Chicken Breast. Chicken Tacos Recipe. Shredded Chicken Breast, Easy and Cheap

Shredded chicken can serve so many purposes. I personally love using chicken breast to make shredded chicken for my tacos and/or salad. It’s so simple that you would think people did this more often! Step by Step instructions below.

Instructions for Shredded Chicken:
Clean your chicken breasts,
Place chicken breasts in a pot with little olive oil then heat on medium / low (5 mins each side).
Season chicken breasts graciously with salt, pepper (and other seasonings of your choice).
Add a couple cups of water to the pot and bring to a boil (water will depend on the amount / size of chicken).
Reduce boil to a simmer and cook for 20 minutes (or so), flipping chicken every 5 mins.
Once done, let chicken cool for a few minutes.
Pull apart, also known as, shredding the chicken with two forks.
Lastly, use hands to shred chicken in even smaller pieces.
Then take a knife and cut the chicken into smaller pieces (optional).


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