How to Cook Chicken Curry – Panlasang Pinoy Easy Recipes

Want that Indian flavor for dinner? Here is chicken curry.

Chicken curry is a common dish in the Indian subcontinent. It can also be found in Southeast Asia, such as the Philippines. In Trinidad (in the Caribbean), the dish is actually called curry chicken. So what is in this dish? Chicken stewed in coconut milk in spices. Very rich. You can also actually use yoghurt or milk instead of coconut milk to thicken your sauce. It will also work well. When using coconut milk, try not to overboil it because it will curdle. In this recipe, the chicken is fried separately for easy cooking. But you can always cook it with the sauce. The spiciness and taste may vary according to the curry powder you use and your preference.

You should try this recipe. It is easy to follow. Here is a video how to do it.

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