Homemade Stuffed Chicken Bun Recipe | Stuffed Chicken Buns | Kids Lunch Box Recipe #lunchboxrecipe

Home made stuffed chicken bun recipe. Made this for my kids lunch box .. Easy and quick recipe make ahead and pack for your kids for their lunch boxes.

Ingredients :
For the dough:
All purpose flour :2cups + 1/2 cup for kneading
11/2 tsp sugar
21/2 tsp instant yeast
Salt a pinch
1 egg
1/4cup milk
1/4cup luke warm water
2 tbls oil

For filling
Chicken 300gms
Oil 2tbls
1tsp chillipowder
1tsp pepper powder
1/4 turmeric
1tbls soya sauce
2tbls ketchup
1tsp mustard paste
1 egg ( for egg was)
sesame seeds

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