HIGH PROTEIN DESSERT RECIPES | Cookies, Brownies, Carrot Cake

3 High Protein Dessert Recipes coming at you in today’s video. In this video I make a high protein M&M cookie, a mushy brownie and a carrot cake. All higher protein and lower calorie than they normally are while still tasting delicious. My favorite has to be the carrot cake, but it is a little more complicated to make. All the recipes are sure delicious and healthy with very little sugar or fat. Keeping it low calorie and high protein to let you eat desserts and still hit your goals. As always stay hydrated and eat your fruits and veggies.

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Protein Cookies
120g peanut butter
50g light brown sugar
2g salt
1 large egg
1 egg white (30g)
3g vanilla extract
2g baking powder
30g protein powder
15g oat flour (blend rolled oats)
350 F 12-15 min (dont over bake!) edges golden brown and dry to touch but middle still soft and doughy
Cool for 3 min on sheet then remove to finish cooling
Without M&Ms
1046 Calories
46g Carbs
72g Fat
63g Protein
Per Cookie (1/9)
116 Calories
5g Carbs
8g Fat
7g Protein
With M&Ms
1296 Calories
80g Carbs
84g Fat
66g Protein
144 Calories
8.89g Carbs
9.3g Fat
7.3g Protein

Mushy Protein Brownies
20g cocoa powder
35g milk chocolate protein
80g almond milk
200g vanilla greek yogurt
½ Tsp baking powder (4g)
½ teaspoon vanilla extract (3g)
3 packets of zero cal sweetener (optional)
Pinch salt
10g chocolate pieces
400 F 20ish min
360 Calories
37g Carbs
9g Fat
45g Protein

Protein Carrot Cake
Cake Ingredients:
200g flour
80g vanilla protein powder
40g light brown sugar (swerve or truvia)
13g baking powder
3g cinnamon
3g nutmeg
3g kosher salt
300g unsweetened apple sauce
2 whole eggs
30g egg whites
130g carrots, finely grated
5g vanilla extract
one large tin 350 F 30-45 min or 20-25 min for two cake tins.
Frosting Ingredients:
224g ⅓ fat cream cheese
170g greek yogurt
10g light brown sugar
3g vanilla extract
10g protein powder
Cake No Frosting
1272 Calories
192g Carbs
11g Fat
112g Protein
712 Calories
14g Carbs
48g Fat
43g Protein
Whole Cake
1984 Calories
206g Carbs
59g Fat
155g* Protein
Per Slice (⅛)
248 Calories
26g Carbs
7.5g Fat
14g Protein


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