Green Veggies bad for Thyroid? + Green Smoothie Recipe

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Well I have found that there is a link between proper thyroid function and fibroids as well as other non cancerous tumors in breast and ovaries. In order for the thyroid to work it requires a large amount of iodine. Raw green cruciferous vegetables are goitrogens and can block iodine absorption. If you don’t eat a lot of sea vegetables then perhaps supplementing is for you. Green veggies are of course good for you and most use raw veggies in smoothies. I would suggest still eating some raw and just sautee or steam you veggies sometimes just to give your iodine absorption a chance. Raw green veggies don’t directly hurt the thyroid but they can greatly hurt your iodine levels (that are no doubt very low if you live in the US) which will in turn harm the thyroid and cause a host of horrible diseases and symptoms. Green cruciferous vegetables also contain lots of oxolates. These can damage the kidneys and exacerbate candida and fungus. Stay tuned for that video. So it seems veggies aren’t perfect either. EVERYTHING in Moderation.


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