crispy fried chicken in an air fryer | spicy fried chicken recipe | kfc style fried chicken recipe

Today I will show you how to make perfect crispy fried chicken in air fryer this recipe is very tasty moist and authentic KFC style chicken recipe. This air fryer fried chicken is golden brown on the outside and moist on the inside. It is soaked in buttermilk for added flavor and aroma. This recipe is healthy and spicy too if you don’t like spices then skip the chilli flakes you can use plain chicken fry masala powder This fried chicken special contribution is a healthy and tender inside, juicy, full of flavor! If you cook chicken like this, hopefully everyone will like it.
Air Frying Healthy fried chicken can be made very quickly
The good reason is that you can cook these delicious air fryer recipes in very little time without oil. This chicken recipe is an easy and delicious dish that your family will love. You can make it in 20 minutes after coming from work I have so many Air Fryer recipes in my channel if you like my recipes then you can visit my channel

Crispy fried chicken in an air fryer | spicy fried chicken recipe | kfc style fried chicken recipe
Easy air fried chicken recipe
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#chicken 9-10 pieces
#salt to taste
#soyasauce 2 teaspoons
#blackpepperpowder 1 teaspoon
#peri peri seasoning 1 teaspoons
#chilliflakes 1 teaspoon
#buttermilk 300ml
#hot & spicy chicken mix fry 1 cup
#plain flour 1/2 cup
#rice flour 1/4 cup
#olive oil 1 teaspoon
1/2 chopped onion
1 egg

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