Chicken Shrimp Alfredo Recipe

Chicken Shrimp Alfredo Recipe
Hello Everyone in this video i showed you all how to make Delicious Chicken Shrimp Alfredo Recipe this recipe is so easy and quick to make and the flavor is out of site you and your whole family will love this recipe Guarantee. I love to make this Alfredo recipe for my family the quickly rush to. gets a second plate after eating the first plate and that makes me so happy how much they enjoy the recipe.
when you Cook Alfredo this recipe can be made with no meat or with just chicken or just shrimp or combine the two like i did in this video eighter way you’ll be so happy.
Chicken Shrimp Alfredo Recipe Gina Young Style .
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If you love a good recipe this is the channel for you or if you want to learn how to cook this also is the Channel you need to watch Because cooking is a true passion of mines and i want to teach the world how to cook quick recipes that are easy and simple that you will love to share with your family’s .
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Gina Young Chicken Shrimp Alfredo Recipe .
Until the next recipe God Bless Goodnight.
Shrimp / Chicken
salt pepper garlic Powder Onion Powder chicken Powder parsley flakes
heavy cream
Fettuccine noodles or Lingunni Noodles
chicken Broth
parmesan cheese
step by step tutorial
God bless Enjoy 😊


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