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Super easy Indian Chicken curry recipe, Easy Recipe for Bachelors. This is chicken curry for beginners and bachelors, it is very easy and delicious recipe and can be using using ingredients easily available at home.

Chicken 500g. Salt to taste Tomatoes 170 gmmustard Oil 100 ml Cumins seed 1 tsp coriander seeds 1.5 tsp Big Cardamom 2 no Small Cardamom 2 Cloves 4-5 Cinnamon stick 1 no Kashmiri chilli powder 1.5 tsp curd 30 gm Red chilli poeder1tsp, Ginger garlic paste 3 tsp Chopped green coriander #Chickenmasalarecipe #Punjabichickengravy #Chickenrecipesfordinner


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