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Chicken curry is a typical curry from India consist of chicken, onion, or shallot, tomato, ginger, garlic and some may add green chilies .This is a special chicken curry which is purely authentic Kerala Dish which is a recipe by one of my family members and this is an easy chicken curry for beginners because it is an easy to make.This chicken curry requires minimum ingredients to prepare this easy, delicious chicken curry with less gravy. IN this chicken curry there is no coriander added and no water added. This is an easy recipe, no coconut milk needed. If you have shallots at home, this is a simple , tasty and easy dish. Amongst all my chicken recipes this is my favorite. This is a very good side dish for rice or chapati or roti. This is a simple chicken curry for bachelors and beginners who prefer to spend little time in kitchen. This is a quick and easy chicken curry with shallots and tomato pulp. In all chicken curries two must ingredients are tomato and onion. This chicken curry can be prepared also in pressure cooker too. Everyone has a different version of chicken curry and this is the one with shallots no onion used and I prefer the shallots taste.
too. Depends on the spices added chicken curry has a unique taste sweet and savoury taste.
1. Chicken:800 gm
2.Shallots peeled and sliced:20 numbers
3. Garlic:10 cloves
4. Ginger sliced: i small piece
5. Green chillies:4
6. Chilly powder: 1tbsp
7.Chicken masala: 2tbsp
8. Turmeric powder: half tsp
9. Tomato pulp from two tomatoes
10. Coconut oil: 2tbsp
11. salt; as needed
1. Heat coconut oil in a pan, add shallots, garlic, ginger sliced , curry leaves and green chilies. sauté well
2.Reduce fire add turmeric powder, salt, chilly powder and chicken masala and let the raw smell disappear
3. Now add the tomato pulp, saute well, no water needed,
4. Add chicken pieces mix well , Sauté it well, once it starts to boil cook on low to medium fire, stir in between, once cooked add some chopped dhanya leaves, serve hot.
Chicken Curry
Chicken Curry For Beginners
Easy chicken curry



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