Bread Pudding | Special dessert recipes | Bread Custard Recipe

Bread pudding
8 slices bread 1 litre milk
2 tbs. custard powder 6 tbs. mixed fruit jam
6 almonds, peeled 5 cashew nuts
5 pistachios ¼ cup sugar, preferably brown

Cut the sides of the bread and spread jam over the slices and cut them into 4 square pieces. Arrange in a baking dish. Boil milk, add sugar and boil till the sugar dissolves. Mix custard powder, separately in half a cup of milk. When the milk begins to boil, add the custard mix and cook, stirring constantly. Cook it till it becomes thick. Spread the custard mix over the bread slices and garnish with dry fruits. Its a good idea to pour a layer of custard at the bottom of the dish and arrange the bread slices.


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