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Here the method of preparation of Beef Potato Tortilla Wrap is given
Take 200 g of beef pieces in a cooker with a spoon of mixture of spices, a quarter spoon of turmeric powder, a quarter spoon of chili powder,salt to taste and 300 ml of water and mix and let the mixture cook in the pressure cooker for 40 minutes. Heat a pan and pour in 10 ml of oil. Put in the pieces of an onion, 25 g of garlic, 25 g of ginger, the pieces of one tomato and the pieces of a large peeled and cut potato and saute and mix well till the onions lose their pinkish color. Add the onion potato mixture to the beef pieces and mix and cook further for 10 more minutes in the pressure cooker. Let this mixture cool. Take a cup of wheat flour and mix in 3/4 cup of warm water with added salt to it little by little. Mix thoroughly and make it into a dough ball and let it rest . Make the dough into smaller balls and flatten it out into circular tortilla shapes. Fry the tortillas in another pan and when they are done, put in the Beef Potato mixture into the center and fold and flip it on both sides to brown and take off the flame and serve
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