Banana Powder Recipe | How to make Banana Powder for Instant shakes, smoothie, pancakes| Healthy

Want to make a shake/smoothie but don’t have bananas at home !!! So you buy a large supply of bananas next time but couldn’t use them for long as they have turned black and gooey !!!! If that’s your story then this recipe can be a saviour. Rich in calcium, iron, potassium and high on Fibre. With this simple homemade banana powder you can now make banana shakes, smoothie, banana pancakes muffins in a go.

Ingredients you need to make banana powder:-

3-4 Raw banana ( you can take more to make a bigger batch, as if kept Nicely this powder can last for 4 months)

Method to make Banana Powder:-

1. Chop both the ends of raw banana, make slits horizontally and peel the banana skin with hands.
2. Use a slicer to slice them as thin as possible.
3. Spread out the slices on a tray and Sun dry them for 2-3 days till crisp (depending upon the climate in your region)
4. Once completely dry, grind to a powder. You can Sieve to get rid of the coarse particles so you’re left with a fine powder. Store in an airtight container.


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