Andhra Style Chicken Pickle | Chicken Pachadi

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Today i am sharing Konaseema special Chicken Pickle recipe with you. The Chicken pickle is so simple to make with a few ingredients, The pickle recipe is widely popular among Telugu states especially Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

•Boneless Chicken- 1 kilo
•Chilli powder- 60gms
•Salt- 50gms
•Turmeric- 1 tsp
•Lemon Juice- 40 ml
•Ginger garlic paste- 50gms
•Oil- 350 ml

For Masala Podi:
•1 tbsp Coriander
•1 tsp Cumin
•1 Star Anise
•Little Stone Flower
•4 Green Cardamoms
•5 Cloves
•1 inch Cinnamon

•Soak the chicken with little salt turmeric and Oil. Rest the chicken for 1 hour
•Roast the masala ingredients and grind to a fine powder
•Roast Chicken marinade and cook on High Flame until water evaporates
•Heat the Oil and Fry the chicken to Light Golden and seperate
•Add the Ginger garlic paste and fry well.
•Add the Fried chicken and fry for couple minutes
•Turn off the flame add Chilli Powder Salt Garam masala and Turmeric. Saute well and rest for 2 hours
•Add the Lemon juice and rest for 2 days and enjoy with Hot Rice.

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