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10 recipes for dinner (Hamburger, Chicken, Muffins, Pizza, Croquettes, Zucchini, Potatoes), quick and simple dishes that your family will love.

1. 0:23 – Potato and chicken muffins
2. 10:35 – Stuffed chicken breasts
3. 17:51 – Hamburger for true gourmets
4. 11:09 – Fast puff pastry pizza
5. 30:33 – Chicken drumsticks baked with potatoes
6. 37:59 – Croquettes with mushrooms
7. 49:05 – Meatballs in potatoes
8. 52:42 – Chicken Nuzki with baked potatoes and …
9. 58:13 – Chicken wings NO FAT !!
10. 1:01:14 – Eggplants stuffed with minced meat

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