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சிக்கன் சிந்தாமணி / Chicken Chinthamani/ How to make chicken Chinthamani/ Chicken Recipes/ Chinthamani Chicken
Chicken Chinthamani Recipe is a very rustic style of chicken preparation in the kongunad region.
There is even a place in Coimbatore called Chinthamani Pudur. But I am not sure if this dish originated there. Chinthamani literally means a precious stone. A dry roasted chicken recipe using very few ingredients, Its a very spicy dish. Chicken thighs are preferred for this Chicken Chinthamani as it stays juicy after the long roasting in the pan. Sesame oil is the traditional oil used for this recipe and it imparts a deep aroma into this dish. Remember that there aren’t many ingredients in the recipe. The flavor of this Chicken Chinthamani is robust from the sesame oil and the dried chilli. Here is how to do chicken chinthamani.

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