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You wash the salt off of nuts for baking paleo dessert recipes without
I have a small analogy that I use when describing the insatiable popularity of dogs and cats as pets. Im probably wrong so dont quote me or any of that bullshit. Im sure an anthropologist or evolutionary psychologist would eat me … out? up? For dinner? Never mind. Too many goofy images just popped into my head. Anyhoo, a dog is what we all aspire to be. They are loyal, great guards, will eat anything, obey, are kind and just full of love. Cats are what we really are. Snobby, pretentious, standoffish except when we feel like it, persnickety, short tempered and coeited on a level that would make a Parisian fashion designer blush with embarrassment. GBBO is the dog in this analogy. In The Great British Bake Off or in the US, cuz Pillsbury apparently owns the phrase bake off in entertainment, The Great British Baking Show … hereafter referred to as GBBO, co.nttants are super competitive and focused on victory but not at the expense of trampling over the competition. It embodies the ability to be singularly passionate about winning while simultaneously being able to pause and help your competitors out even if it costs you some points because above winning individually is being a great human being to everybody around you. By removing the monetary prize in the end they do make mon. ey though, esp. the speaking circuit, their social media profiles and book deals, they keep it friendly. I wrote this in another comment thread. The first season I watched was with Noel Sandy, not Sue Mel, so my first exposure was that. I thought Noel was an ignorant dope. First few times seeing him, he read as a moron. But as Ive watched him more, I realize that hes a comedic genius and probably the epitome of British understatement, self deprecation and comedit timing. Hes not just smart. Not just brilliant. A fucking genius. Theres just no way to rehearse his quips, delivery and timing. His voice pitch and the precise moment he drops a funny one liner is a rare superpower spot on the mon. ey and in a way that theres just no way to script without 800 takes, which the show cannot do. If I had my way, it would be Sue Perkins and Noel Fielding. Ive read that Mel Sue are a comedic item like Penn Teller and they dont do acts separately. Im not in the UK so I cannot coirm this fact. Additionally, Mary Berry actually faded from my favoritism as Ive watched Prue Leith more and more. I think I like Prue a bit better due to the fact that shes a better foil for Pauls ego. Mary —bless her heart, shes a goddamend national treasure— just was a skosh too soft spoken. Prue is needed to keep Paul more in check. But it all wor.ks. This show is my happy place. Its entertaining and engrossing just enough that my mind can stop wandering. Ive watched every episode now at least a dozen times I watch it on a loop as I wind down for bed … literally every night except when Rick is hom.e and I have to … erm … get to watch Bobs Burgers instead, which is fine cuz that show rocks. Its calming while at the same time, engrossing. I can sleep to it or stay awake to it. I love the co.nttants. I love the humor. I love the competition. Its possibly THE most perfect unscripted show in history. No. Scratch that. Its definitely the most perfect unscripted show in history.


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