Strawberry smoothie recipe | Cooking with Subhana Batool

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Strawberry’s: 12
Bananas: 2 .
Sugar: 3 tbsp.
Milk: 1 glass

-Take fresh Frozen strawberries into a blender
(Strawberry and Bananas are an excellent combination)
-Add Bananas
-Add sugar 3 tbsp.(optional)
(If you want more sweet then feel free to add more sugar)
-Add milk 1 glass
-Add ice 10 cubes(optional)
Run the blender to make the smoothie
Take out thick smoothie in a glass or in a bowl
Garnish with chopped strawberries, caramel, granola, bananas etc.
Enjoy smoothie bowl after a workout, it’s the healthiest way to ensure your stomach is full with nutritious low-calorie healthy food.

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