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Spatchcock chicken was my first cook on a Kamado Joe. The simplicity of the method combined with the fantastic outcome is what sold me on ceramic cooking!

It is my humble opinion that this should be your first cook when approaching low and slow cookery and it would not surprise me if it became one of your top 5 favorite recipes for the rest of your life!

Simple things done perfectly win every time, enjoy!

Chef Eric Gephart

Spatchcock Chicken

1 Each Whole Chicken
3 Tablespoons Lane’s BBQ Brisket Rub
½ Bunch Thyme, Fresh
¼ Pound Butter, Unsalted (sliced into squares)

1. Stabilize your grill at 350F and set up for an indirect cook.
2. Spatchcock the chicken, use the method in the video to cut out the backbone or use kitchen shears to cut it out if you are more conferrable. Crack the keel (breast) bone and press down on the breast meat to ensure the bird is flattened.
3. Using your fingers, create a pocket between the breast meat and the skin of the chicken. Tuck in a few slices of butter and fresh thyme under the skin. Next, sneak some seasoning under the skin and then season both sides of the bird with the brisket seasoning.
4. Place the chicken on the indirect grill and roast for roughly an hour and 15 minutes. Begin taking internal temperatures and add more cooking time as needed. Look for a breast temperature of 160F and a leg and thigh temp of 170 – 175F.
5. Once the target temperatures are reached, transfer the chicken to a cutting board and allow it to rest for 10 minutes. Carryover cooking will bring the internal temp up another 5 degrees or so, reaching the 165F we are looking for in the breast meat.
6. Slice the chicken as seen in the video or use your preferred method and enjoy!

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