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GROUND BEEF AND POTATO GRATIN is VERY famous recipe across African cuisine, Europe specially French cuisine and America as well. In this recipe, the main ingredients are ground beef and potato. they are cooked with your preference of spices and vegetables and arranged in layers. You have to consider the oven pan size and the number of layers you are looking to make. Gratin is very rich of protein found in eggs, meat and butter. This recipe is very simple and easy to do just prepare everything in steps. Boil the potato first and peel the skin and set aside. Then cook the meat and vegetables and set a side. Go back again to the potato and smash it very well. Add the butter, the chopped cilantro, and the eggs and mix all ingredients very well until soft. prepare your oven pan by adding small amount of olive oil or butter. Simply pour the first layer with the potato mix and flatten it to the same height, then add the meat layer and top it with another layer of potato mixture. Finish the top layer with shredded cheese or Mozzarella cheese and place on oven for 15 to minutes at 380 degrees F.
On this recipe if you notice I did not add any soft cheese and still turn out to be very yummy and tasty . If you prefer to add cream cheese you simply add it to the ingredients and it will add more creamy texture to the Gratin.
Gratin can also be made from a thinly sliced potato that are simply arranged into layers. Gratin is very welcoming and tempting table menu that can join all the family together in an unforgettable dinner party.
Some recipes suggest using breadcrumb in place of cheese. Breadcrumb is amazing it will give it even more brown top crunchy layer after placing in oven.
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