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Today i’m bringing you another Indian Keto recipes. South Indian, more more importantly Malyali cooking has never tasted much better than SPECIAL Kerala Chicken

Ingredients :-
1)Chicken Legs
6)Garam Masala
7)Apple Cider Vinegar
8)Coconut Oil
9)Mustard Seeds
10)Curry Leaves

The chicken tangdi is a very North Indian ingredient but i’ve changed it up a bit today. I bring you the special South indian chicken leg. Chicken recipes Indian style don’t get much better than this.

The Kerala chicken recipe is one of the best suited to the Ketogenic diet, which includes super low carbs, super high fat and high protein. Doesn’t get much better than this. Keto diet and keto recipes indian style have never been made easier. Keto diet India is going to be the new craze, i’m sure. This keto recipe tastes great and is super apt! Enjoy guys. I bring you the Indian recipe Kerala Chicken Tangdi or Kerala chicken leg piece fry


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