Juicy butterfly chicken recipe [spatchcock chicken]

I’ll show you juicy butterfly chicken recipe and some people call it spatchcock chicken recipe. Spatchcock chicken is very easy recipe of butterfly chicken in oven. You just have to understand how to butterfly a chicken. In the chicken butterfly recipe you can add your favorite spices in addition to those in the description. In this video I clearly showed which parts to remove and where to press so that you understand how to spatchcock a chicken. I think after watching you will not have any questions, you can call your friends or relatives and show them how to spatchcock chicken. 😉

For juicy butterfly chicken recipe Nice Food recommends the following ingredients:
1. Chicken – 1
2. Olive oil
3. Salt
4. Smoked paprika
5. Coriander
6. Garlic
7. Black pepper
8. White pepper

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This is easy butterfly chicken oven recipe and now you know how to cook spatchcock chicken!

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