Frozen Desserts You Should Absolutely Never Buy Again

There’s never a bad time for a tasty frozen dessert. Whether it’s ice cream, pie, cake, a popsicle, or something more creative, a cold sweet treat can be just the thing to cap off a delicious dinner.

But if you believe that just any old frozen dessert is good enough, you’re cheating yourself out of something truly wonderful. Some desserts are better off left in that freezer case, either because they’re just not good, or they’re not worth the hit of calories and fat. So what exactly is worth it, and what can you keep off your shopping list? These are the frozen desserts you should absolutely never buy again. And some you should.

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Our Finest Tiramisu Mini Desserts | 0:00
Sara Lee French Style Cheesecake | 1:00
Member’s Mark Cheesecake Miniatures | 2:03
Magnum Ice Cream pints | 2:56
Cheesecake Factory At Home Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake | 3:43
WonderSlim Creamy Cheesecake | 4:41
Icee Freeze Squeeze Ups | 5:38
Outshine Fruit Bars | 6:40
Halo Top light ice cream | 7:22
Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone! Mini Ice Cream Cones | 8:19
My/Mochi in Ripe Strawberry | 9:06
Annie’s Organic Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches | 9:49

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