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Served with Crispy Onion Rings and drizzled with a Special Sweet Sour Sauce, Deep Fried Onion Ring Chicken is a favourite dish served in Chinese stir fry restaurants. Also known as Yong Chong Gai 炸洋葱鸡. We’re making this dish with air-fried store bought chicken and homemade deep fried onion rings. Simply delicious! Best to enjoy with a bowl of steaming hot rice.

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Deep Fried Onion Ring Chicken 炸洋葱鸡

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This quick and easy Deep Fried Onion Ring Chicken dish makes an awesome crunchy fried chicken dish, coupled with crispy onion rings drizzled over with a special sweet and sour sauce. It is a very simple yet flavourful dish to whip up anytime for lunch or dinner at home.

In this recipe, I have used store bought frozen fried chicken (packet form) for the convenience of those who have limited time cooking. You can also choose to make this dish with fresh chicken as well.

The star of this dish is obviously the Crispy Onion Rings. These fried onion rings taste so flavourful and good. They are soft and sweet on the inside and crispy on the outside and has such a good flavour. They are also very addictive so be sure to fry more, otherwise you may be disappointed when there is not enough for everyone to share.

Also, not forgetting another important component for this dish is the special home style sweet and sour sauce. Without it, this deep fried onion ring chicken dish will never be complete. A tinge of curry powder added makes a world of difference to this otherwise simple sauce.

The curry powder has a unique flavour due to the combination of both savoury and sweet spices in it. It gives the sauce a deep earthy flavour as well as add brightness to it. You will surely love the tangy flavour of this sweet and sour sauce. It can be made as spicy or mild as you like. Either way, it tastes just as great.

Truly an extremely easy dish to put together and surprisingly tasty too. Looks so good when cooked and tastes even better when eaten. So Enjoy!

So Enjoy!

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Deep Fried Onion Ring Chicken 炸洋葱鸡


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