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Try out our blueberry muffin smoothie. You’ll love it.

You can’t buy those sugar laded blueberry muffins from your local cafe. They’re about as nutritious as a loaf of bread, which in case you didn’t know, isn’t very nutritious. Keep the familiar flavour and turn it into a veggie dense smoothie with this easy recipe.

All right, guys. I’m going to show you one of my favorite smoothies, Blueberry Muffin. Obviously inspired by those blueberry muffins that sit at cafeterias for god knows how long and preserved by god knows what. Anyway, they taste pretty good. But I’m going to avoid that and use those flavor ideas for this smoothie.

Lots of kale. Not going to taste that. Lots of blueberries, my favorite frozen fruit to put in there, creamy, antioxidant rich, and then oats. I love a bit of rolled oats. Protein dense, fiber dense, going to keep me full and I like the taste too. I’m going some Greek yogurt, which is the only dairy I eat. It’s fermented, so that actually gets rid of the inflammation causes of dairy, so because it’s fermented it’s not going to do damage to my internal pH system and cause any inflammation and disease.

Honey, lots of antibacterial, antioxidant rich, antiviral. Honey, straight in there, just a generous little…very generous teaspoon. Then I’m going to go some almond milk. Put that in, blend it up. Nice and purple already. All right, that should do it. That blueberry purple, taking on the chlorophyll from our kale. Hopefully no chunks, there we go. That’s what we’re looking for. It’s going to get stuck in. Cheers.

Delicious. Taste those oats. I can already feel full from that and the blueberries, nice and purple, sweet as well, particularly with that honey. That’s it. Your Blueberry Muffin smoothie. If you want the whole recipe, click the link.

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