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Maharashtrian Desserts are such an integral part of the culture and cuisine of Maharashtra.

You cannot have a complete meal without a tiny bit (or a lot) of sweet to soothe those frayed taste buds, after eating all those zingy spices.

It can be as simple as some puffed rice mixed with milk and sugar, or some Shrikhand. But there has to be a sweet dish.

It’s like Bengali cuisine almost. Just that Bengalis get an unfair rap for having a sweet tooth. So do most Indians, folks. No surprises there 🙂

There are many Maharashtrian Dessert recipes that we love. Take Tandalachi Kheer for example, which is our favorite. So is Kesar Shrikhand and Ukadiche Modak. We love all Marathi Dessert recipes to be honest. 😀

We figured that it wouldn’t be right to just list one or two of these. So we listed six.

In this video, we have compiled 6 of our personal favorite sweets recipes into one.

You can watch the individual recipes over here:

Ravyache Ladoo – https://youtu.be/yKKvSAGBoac
Bhoplyache Gharge – https://youtu.be/sEKOE_KJmTo
Ukdiche Modak – https://youtu.be/7TZZkQUNK7Y
Banana Sheera – https://youtu.be/Jmsr6677Jgc
Kesar Shrikhand – https://youtu.be/migYkKvu5KI
Tandalachi Kheer – https://youtu.be/_3Oyxo57tnc

If you are craving some Indian sweets or Indian desserts, then here’s some inspiration for you. 🙂

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