‘2 AWESOME HEALTHY CHICKEN RECIPES’ | Jeera (Cumin) Chicken | Shaak (Saag) Chicken | MUST WATCH!

Hello friends!! I am Reba, your home chef from Reba’s Kitchen.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2021!!! May this year bring good fortune, prosperity and health to all of you!!! May God take away all our sufferings the last year brought with itself and usher in auspicious tidings to everyone’s lives.

As winter and festivities are slowly bidding us adieu, it is time to have more and more healthy food and a balanced diet for the time being. Today’s first recipe is ‘an authentic Indian chicken recipe. It is a dry chicken recipe that is often called Indian fried chicken but is much healthier than any other fried chicken. It is slow-cooked in very little oil with scrumptious Indian spices. It is delicious and yet very simple to prepare. It is also a famous chicken dish among all Indian dhabas. We love this chicken dish, and I can guaranty you that you will become a fan once you cook this chicken recipe. You can have ‘Jeera Chicken’ with roti, naan, paratha, etc. One of the healthiest combinations is white meat proteins and green vegetables. So today the second recipe innovated by me is ‘Shaak Chicken’ or ‘Saag Chicken’. It is essentially chicken cooked with green leafy vegetables. In India ‘shaak’ or ‘saag’ is commonly and frequently cooked in all households, but by combining chicken with it, I have made a balanced diet that can be enjoyed with plain rice to make it a complete meal. Mind you it is not chicken cooked in a green gravy, but you will get the wholesome goodness of shaak in this recipe. It is effortless, and anyone can make it. Anyone on a diet can also enjoy it. You will definitely love this recipe once you try it and it might even become your favourite innovative chicken recipe. Do absolutely try this recipe at home as I can guaranty that you and your family and friends will love it for sure.
So don’t wait up…try it as soon as possible!! All my best wishes are with you always. And don’t forget to let me know how you like it in the comments section below. If you love this recipe and the other recipes on my channel, do like, share, and subscribe to my channel, and also you can click the bell-shaped button to get notified about all my latest videos. Keep watching and help my channel grow friends!!

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