Sam Talbot’s Greens-On-The-Go Smoothie Recipe


As a celebrity chef who also lives with type 1 diabetes, Sam Talbot is the perfect person to share this greens-on-the-go smoothie recipe. But, don’t worry, a chef’s hat isn’t required. Thanks Sam, for sharing your favorite diabetes-friendly smoothie recipe and how your Guardian Connect CGM helps you to #LiveMoreWorryLess.

This testimonial relates an account of an individual’s experience using a Medtronic device. Experiences using the device can and do vary. Please talk to your doctor about your condition and the risks and benefits of Medtronic devices.

Sam is a paid spokesperson for Medtronic. His thoughts and opinions are his own.

Guardian Connect CGM is for ages 14–75. Requires a prescription, BG testing, compatible mobile device w/correct settings. See

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