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For the base; 2 packs of Burçak biscuits 100g melted butter For the cream: 300g labneh cheese (frischkäse) 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar 200ml cream (cold cream that has been kept in the refrigerator) 200g melted dark chocolate For the topping (ganache) 100ml liquid cream 100g dark chocolate Preparation of: Butter is melted for the base. The biscuits are pulled out of the rondo and melted butter is poured on them and mixed well. Greaseproof paper is placed in a 24 cm clamped mold. The biscuit is poured into the mold and spread evenly throughout. It is flattened by pressing on it, in this way it is rested in the refrigerator for half an hour. Meanwhile, the cream is prepared. First, the cold cream is taken into a suitable container and whipped with a mixer until it reaches the consistency of shaving foam. This process may take 2 minutes. The foamy cream is placed in the refrigerator. Take labneh cheese and powdered sugar in another bowl. Mix the ingredients with a mixer until they are mixed. Then, melted chocolate is added in a bain-marie style. It is whisked again. Finally, the whipped cream that we have kept in the refrigerator is added and it is fed into the chocolate cream with the help of a spatula. The mold waiting in the fridge is removed and the cream is spread evenly and put back into the fridge. For ganache, 100 ml of liquid cream is brought to the boiling point (it will not boil), then it is taken from the stove, chocolate is added on it and it is melted. When the sauce is warm, pour it over the cake and refrigerate for three hours. Then it is taken out of the mold and you can decorate it as you wish.


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