Low-Calorie Smoothie Recipe | Oats Smoothie Malayalam | Better Habits by Harsha

Want to learn how to prepare a healthy oats smoothie?
Today’s your lucky day! Watch this short video & easily prepare your tasty & healthy oats smoothie!
In this video, I’ve shared an awesome healthy oats smoothie recipe. This smoothie needs only 5 ingredients; 1) Peanut Butter, 2) Almonds, 3) Milk, 4) Frozen Banana, and 5) Oats.
For peeps who are on a weight loss journey, this smoothie is an amazing alternative for a traditional breakfast since it has no added sugar and has only low-calorie ingredients. The total calorie content of this Smoothie is less than 300 calories.

Video comprised of 4 sections:
00:00 – Introduction
00:26 – Smoothie Ingredients
00:52 – Smoothie Blending
01:42 – Conclusion

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Title: Low-Calorie Smoothie Recipe | Oats Smoothie Malayalam | Better Habits

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