Immune Boosting Recipe | Easy made smoothies


Asalamulaykum warakmatullahi wabarakathu/ Hello Guys

With regards to the current pandemic the world is facing, I decided to make two fruit smoothies which will help boost your immune system during these hard times.

Benefits of the fruits used in my video:

Benefits to pineapple
•Helps boost immunity and suppress inflammation
•Contains disease fighting Antioxdants

Benefits to Orange
• Good source of Vitamin C
• Lower risk of Heart Disease and Kidney stones

Benefits of Apple
• it’s a very nutritious fruit
• Good for your heart

Benefits of Pear
• Great for weight loss
• Reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease & diabetes

These are just general facts about each fruit, they will most definitely have more benefits that we may be unaware of.

**During this time, it is vital to boost your immune system and eat healthy food & take care of your body**

I hope this video has been beneficial for you, if you guys have any suggestions on what I should make in future, please leave your comment below.

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