Baking Chicken packed in Clay | Ancient Cooking

Ever heard of cooking chicken in clay? No? Bet many would not have heard of this method of cooking chicken in clay. Cooking chicken in clay is an ancient method of preparing chicken. In this method, whole free range chicken is applied with traditional masala, wrapped with banana leaves and packed with raw clay. The shaped clay mould is then kept on fire and baked until it’s done.
Whole chicken packed in clay will need at least 2-3 hours to get cooked in a live fire nest as shown in the video. We need explain to you about the benefits of clay pot cooking. Clay is porous. This circulates the moisture and heat through the chicken. Clay can stand high temperature.
As the heat increases, chicken wrapped inside the banana leaves and packed with clay start to release water. Meat will get cooked in its own juices and keep the meat moist.
The biggest advantage of eating chicken cooked in clay is that in this method not even a single drop of oil is used. It’s all natural ingredients used here. Are you diet conscious? Are you willing to lose that extra fat from your body? Are you hitting the gym and working out to add muscles and lose fat? Then clay chicken is what you guys need to try for sure.
Try this ancient cooking method and leave your feedback in the comments section below.

Farm Food Factory is here to revive traditional cooking followed by our ancestors right from the times of Indus Valley Civilization.


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